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booooo. The name's xuebing.
I love kittyyyyyy : )
can be real dumb sometimes.
but clever too ! want to spend tons of time with all my love ones :D


♥ a new laptop.
♥ ribbons.
♥ camera.
♥ lots of food.
♥ more time pls



adeline. cherie. chonglin. dandan. elaine. fanny. rosalyn. sage. SPASTRO. wan ning. xueyun. yenru.


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Wednesday, August 01, 2012

a trip before i go school in UK. it's kinda late to blog about it now but hahas :p at first, the trip wasnt that enjoyable as i feel foreign and kinda miss home badly. but it gotten better as time pass. time in europe pass slow as the day starts early, about 5am or 6am, & ends at 9pm or later. plus the fact i miss home badly, my day gt longer. as i travelled around, i have seen and felt alot of things. it's a different experience. to be able to see things real in front of my eyes and not photos is such a skip-beat thing. i being extravagant here & then i start to enjoy my trip then(: and then my day pass fast. feels like i have so much to do everyday.
 i would want to visit europe again(:
it's a place full of historical events and beautiful places. their buildings are super architectural. and weather in paris is awesome! thou it's kinda cold.
i had tried many "first time" in this trip. from food to activities. i loved and enjoy paragliding though i am afraid of heights. it's a must do thing i realise. would love to do it again! there are happy and sad times in the trip. but i am glad my fam and you are ard always(: the end of trip was abit emotional. thou i didnt hang out much with my tour mates, i like most of them. they are a fun bunch(: and my tour guide is awesome! she seems to know like everything and is prettyyy too(:
tour route
my tour guide, Jordie(:

headed to sch. there werent so much activities afterall. quite free and easy. the 4 weeks,happy and sad i would say. i would say i talked to more of my classmates(: and now i just wna faster get back to sg to drink buble tea and have all the good food. i miss the soups my mum made. singapore, i am coming back soon i WALKED ALOT here. cant believe that. in sg, i am soo lazy. went hiking at hadrian wall. think it's about 16km. and there is tons of shit ard, cant run away from it. it's kinda gross anyway. walked to angel of north too. i think my leg may die. went to the bridge as well, the gateshead millennium bridge. it folds up at certain timing, and it has beautiful lights at night(: it's one of the place i love most.
love the bridge esp when it's rainbow colour(:

6:27 AM

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

a meetup after super looooooooooooooooooooong. ros is back and i am gna fly off T.T i'll be back and we will go for all the activities we have planned. feels like we wentt back to poly times. all we need is each others company and everything is fine. i really miss poly alot. had dins at newton(: and ros brought us this Jack Daniel's choco. i swear i am gna try and find and bring it back praying hard that they have black label choco! love this meetup. sure the other 3 love it too (: let's meet up soooooooon!

12:32 PM

Thursday, May 10, 2012

school is bad. real bad it's gonna be exams soon. and i am still burdened by coursework.
i realised class isnt the same at all. even teck wee sometimes feels that way too. no bonding in class, nth except ... maybbe this is my view i guess. really missed the days in poly. the class is always something to look forward to. but now, all i do is to drag my feet, put on a smile and say hi(:
friendships sometimes seem so fragile i realise. or is it just me isolating and closing myself from everyone. time pass, people change. everyone is pretending to be someone. i am not an exception. when smth go wrong, i always turn and start pouring everything in class. nv need to worry much who is it. now, feels like nth except my dearest boyfriend and time. thank you for being my bestfriend and boyfriend(: there is still them, but i nv know what to say. always had smth to say, and always swallowed in. and thank you MR. Time, for keeping me company always.
not sure how much pile up in me, but they have settled and their angle of repose is almost 90 deg. see, sch drive me nuts till i am writing about principles of Naval Arch. "if i can..", NO IFS at all, they are all in the past. Now is in present tense. just hope i dont get too depressed. once in awhile, i have to let off everything here(:
and MR. FLOOD, stop giving me such a hard time. you are draining my energy and time. less than a week to exam. so shoooo.!

6:45 PM

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

been a long time since i blogged.
had manyy sweet and enjoyable time with my hubbeyyyyy :D
went to this flower festival long ago, love my new cameraaa!
and then he headed to taiwan.
was the first time we were apart for so loooooong.
super duper uber miss him. but like always, too much things to keep me busy.
but it's always the night that make things bad.
wonder how an i gonna go thru uk&europe.

Last day @flor in March
and thenn i left flor. this decision has been hovering around for so long.
really love the place. too much memories in hold. had too much fun and enjoyable.
when they left by 1 by 1, was really sad.
missed wei loon and wenjie alot alot.
angeline is gonna come back from paris too in aug(:
i loved flor, alotalot. even though i am not around, i doubt i will ever forget my passion working there.

April's fool
our celebration of anniversary after taiwan trip.
headed to ECP. ride like very very far. ride till i reached changi airport.
was super shagggggggggggg. think my leg was gonna give up on me somehow.
and thenn my motivation was : chicken wings! the stall is the best!
3hours excerise was great(: with my dummy boyfriend.
gotta prepare for exams soon.
i sooo hate this.

10:26 PM

Monday, January 23, 2012

it''s CNY again.
and i have to prepareee for examsss! crappyyyyyy!
honey is loved by everyone :D
had a great time catching up.
my sister change so much ><
esp ting. all grown up ><
went over to hubbey hse to bai nian (:

my notesssss

8:47 PM

Sunday, January 15, 2012


brought my new camera for tryout(:
surprise by honey: the titanic exhibition
i enjoyed the exhitbition.
pretty amazed by how advanced technology were being used to built the majestic ship.
a fruitful trip i would say :D

went home to celebrate his 21st.
didnt want to make a big event.
so just a nice cake (:
the rum wasnt very strong ><
but still , it taste AWESOME.
hope you like the pressie :D
below are photos i personally like (:

8:29 PM

Monday, January 09, 2012


i am supposed to be studying . but i cant.
it's just too stressful. i am just gna take a 1 day break(:
love dogs so much . but i am AFRAID of them.
very contradicting.
we had a bet.
if i dare to go up to any dog and play with it, my reward: a dog :D
but i cant T.T
my 1st must get dog is a pembroke welsh corgi. must be pembroke not his brother or sister.
honey likes bulldog and pug(:
after that would be border collie, the smart dog(: suits meeeee.
and then the all time favourite golden retriever.

Mr. SZQ had too many dogs.
i had only seen his samoyed and dalmatians.
But i wanna see GREAT DANE! cos he say he is SUPER TALL WHEN HE STAND.
i love samoyed. soo fluffyyyy.
but it's forbidden from S'pore grounds . awwww.
it's way too muscular and definetly kill if it bites ><
all these dogs make me feel so much happier(:
miss my dummy.
and my pressie is flying over(:(:

to end, i found their photos, arent they cuteee???

my corgiiiiiiiiii !

the bulldog is cute with its sad face.

my clever border collie

everyone should know(:

fluffy samoyed


the muscular pitbull (:

11:19 PM

Saturday, December 31, 2011



many things happened this year.
i ended my poly school time and had a long break before i embark on my next education.
found an enjoyable workplace even though the pay was abit low.
learnt alot of things and also had hardships.

Flor is a place where i held too many fond memories. most of my dearest people left. soon i will too. seen too many ppl in and out of the place.
really love this place too much.

my elephant pig and i are very happy with each other. always here for me.
always let me walllop and throw temper at.
always make me sad and happy .
mariokart is our entertainment,
having him is like having everything even though he isnt ard sometimes ><
but deep down we both know we are always around(:

SO, here come my new yer resoultions:
1. to go runnning every week(:
2. early revision for classes
3. hols trip with my honey(:

have so many things to look forward to next year(:
1. honey's 21st which is in 3weeks time
2. my sucky exams
3. my besties 21st
4. UK trip. i am so gonna watch olympics!
5. 2yrs(:
lastly, my very own 21st on a schoolday(:

to end off,

4:27 PM

Monday, November 21, 2011


1st oct(:
there are tons of photos, so let the photos do the talking :D
just glad that you are around.

dins at DOZO restaurant

nom nom chomp chomp

their display looks super nice!

starters: the centre one is orange foam on scallops . orange foam looks like soap

corn on crab

softshell crab tenpura.

hubbey fav porky

hubbey's orange pomengrate.

MY mix fruit drink. looks nice and TASTE GREAT!

green tea i/c with peanut mochi(:

chocolately lava cake

this is a surprise for me(:

to end off, 10 films for the day(:

10:10 PM

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


went to MS to buy movie tickets for zookeeper.
AND i saw one piece keychains in the turn turn machine(:
prayed hard i will get luffy.
AND i got it. wahahahahahaha. i am so luckyyyyyyyyy!
supper at makansutra area.
order a bunch of food . got cheated by cajun fries. it WAS just normal fries.
went to play the turn turn machine.
hope that i could get nico robin.
but NO. i got sanji instead ><
spend quite some time and $$$ on cheating maachines.
hoping we could catch a doraemon, but we didnt.
ran along for zookeeper.
it's a hilarious show and i enjoyed it alot.

3:49 AM

Sunday, August 28, 2011


had to go PAVILLION with him and let he settle his things.
i was so bored and i started photo-taking.

head to town to hunt for my watch and I CANT FIND IT.
decided to have dinner at Tung Lok.
DONT order the white bait fried item in the appetizer section.
it was so oily and had this super strong lemon taste.
ordered our fav chilli crab.
the waitress gave me an apron for it. i look so funny in it.
and SZQ started laughing -.-
after the dinner, had to bring the car to "BATH" due to parking in a public carpark.
and then shopping at taobao once more(:

look at that apronnnnnn.

11:34 PM